Handcrafted bath and body products made in Alvin, TX

About us and our goats milk soap in Alvin

Our Name

 We named our business after our Grandmother.  She was an amazing woman who ran a successful business while raising a family.  She was a strong woman who set a great example of diligence,  hard work and strength of character for her children and grandchildren.  

Hidden Gem of Alvin

 Our little shop is just 3 miles south  of Alvin, TX on Highway 35.   Full of rustic charm, fragrant and tasty offerings along with  a relaxed shopping environment and hometown conversation.   # goats milk soap in Alvin


  Ok, not really, but we do pride ourselves on making about 90% of what you see in our shop.  If we don't make it, we know who did. ALL of our handmade products are made locally, maybe by one of your neighbors.